WHO Tracker

This WHO Tracker has been developed as part of WHO Watch. WHO Watch is sponsored by a group of international NGOs and social movements including the People's Health Movement (PHM).

PHM follows closely the work of WHO, through the World Health Assembly, the Executive Board and the regional committees.

PHM prepares commentaries on agenda items at WHO governing body meetings, including brief background and critical commentary. In association with Medicus Mundi International, PHM members also read statements to governing body meetings.

The WHO Tracker has been developed as a tool for following particular issues across time and across the governing body meetings. The Tracker comprises separate pages for each meeting, in each case structured around the official agenda. Under each agenda item are links to key documents, debate and policy decisions. Not all meetings and not all items have been fully linked at this time. This work is ongoing.

Start date
2017 WPRO68
2017 EMRO64
2017 AMRO69
2017 Euro67
2017 SEARO70
2017 AFRO67
2017 EB141
2017 WHA70
2017 PBAC26
2017 EB140